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Linda Bell is an award-winning journalist with more than 20 years' experience covering business news and personal finance content.  



I learned about the value money from my parents. A lecture about saving for a rainy day? NO. An anecdote about balancing a checkbook? NO. They taught me by their actions. Frugal was the name of the game. When I was growing up - if it wasn't needed - I often didn't get it. I didn't have the latest toys or clothes. I didn't get an allowance - my "allowance" was finding pennies and nickels in between the couch cushions or on the floor. To say I loved candy would be an understatement. For a penny, I could satisfy my sweet tooth and buy a Swedish fish candy at the corner store. While I enjoyed Swedish fish, I LOVED Peanut Chews. My dilemma? The chocolate candies cost 5 cents each. In order to reach my goal, I had to save every penny and resist the temptation to buy Swedish Fish.


















I'm not a money expert, but I've been able to implement that basic philosophy as an adult. We all have short-term and/or long-term savings goals. If you want to buy a house, pay for your child's college, save for a vacation or buy Peanut Chews - it's important to keep your eyes on the prize. This is what inspired me to create the School Bell.  Learning isn't just for children. You are never too young or old to live, study, think, act, speak or plan smart when it comes to money.

The School Bell has rung! Class dismissed!  




                                               Linda Bell 



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